Breast Cancer: A-Z Mindful Practices: Self Care Tools For Treatment & Recovery
Breast Cancer: A-Z Mindful Practices will uplift, inspire and encourage you as you navigate this new chapter in your life, living with breast cancer. The days get long and the decisions are endless. The wait is often terrifying and certainly frustrating. Your attention span is short and your time is invaded with doctor’s appointments, lab tests, and possible surgeries. Astonishingly, you seem to be the only one with a sense of urgency. All the while discovering the “unique” ways your family and friends show their support. It is an exercise in grace to say the least. So here is a book, a small and simple gift written with your struggles in mind. It starts with Abundance and ends with Zest, and all of the words in-between. It is our hope these words through the alphabet will help you focus, make decisions, and encourage you to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it is the simplest of inspirations that keep our head above water. Additionally, there are short reflections written to direct your attention and thoughts into a positive space when negative emotions abound. Each word, crafted with the idea that you need a lifesaver, becomes a buoy, something to hold on to when the shoreline has drifted away. Click Here For More Information [...]