Mind Blowing Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin – Better Than Meds!

Mind Blowing Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin – Better Than Meds!

After this I will be expecting everyone to be starting the process of changing your medicine cabinets!


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bluehors3 says:

Turmeric takes the fishy taste out of fish. It works great with tuna – I stir it in until the tuna is yellow – for salads. I use turmeric on my (unbreaded) salmon. (also garlic and sage)

David Niemela says:

Good info! I switched my calorie intake from McD's to carrot, apple, lemon & ginger juice – think I'll toss some turmeric root in with it. No more blood pressure (amlodipine) or cholesterol (atorvastatin) pills since I switched my food source. I "eat" 1600 – 1800 calories per day in juice – I'll go thru roughly 10 lbs of apples and 50 lbs of carrots per week, but that's better than 3000 – 3500 calories of junk I was eating before. The irony is that I don't ever feel hungry while drinking the juice. The machine I have has a 40oz juice container – I'll juice 2 apples, 1/2 a lemon, and a hunk of ginger about the size of my thumb, then feed carrots thru the machine until the juice container is full. Clean the machine and repeat the process. That amount of juice lasts me the day. After hearing you, I gotta get some turmeric root to add to the mix. Thanks and God bless!

shawnette w says:

Sharing in Washington state!

Aleasha Speller says:

I have turmeric caps. I did not read the label till I got home. I've had problems with my gallbladder (gallstones). The label says do not take if you have a history of gallstones. Why is that?

Yum Yum says:

do you turn this to powder? Are do you just use the root? I use the powder, and it is strong..

you tube 425 says:

I use it for inflamation, It works better than Naproxene plus it's good for you and has no side effects, make sure you use it with black pepper for better absorption. I useTumeric curcumin with ginger and bioperine(black pepper) you can get it on Amazon, I personally like the brand from Nutridime it seems to work best for me. people try it, it works!

Car Show says:

One love brother thank GOD for you.

Car Show says:

Wow wow wow this is it.

bigtrell96 says:

Hello sir. Thanks for the vids, trying to change my lifestyle and your vids are a tremendous help. Any advice on foods/ supplements for a healthy prostate?

Kim Howell says:

I used to suffer back pain from being hit in a car accident from behind. I've been using it for over one year and the pain is gone. However if you stop talking it the pain will come back. I love this, it's my favorite food!

Gwendolyn says:

You could improve the look of your videos by using a green screen or hanging a print or banner behind you.

Anisa E says:

lol to the end good video started taking turmeric supplement with a few other supplements a few days ago for a cold coming on haven't been sick since

Cliff Green says:

Good stuff brother!

Dre Daye says:

Literally heading out to the store now. keep it fam :)

Bob loblaw says:

much thought invoked bless you brother


What did Dr. sebi said about Tumeric?

Donald G says:

Boss I have a question, I need advice I mix coconut oil, fish oil, and Blackseed oil and grind up turmeric and black pepper in the blender and take it by teaspoon throughout the week. Is it as effective or will it still work for me? Please let me know if I'm doing the right thing. Peace

Linda Jackson says:

I use it in my smoothies and also make daily as a tea with lemon and honey

Suzie Collins says:

Yeah turmeric is very good it is the spice helping me with the pain I've been having in my knee.

Swaggmire215 says:

lmmaooooo such energy and comical u r good bruh…keep the knowledge coming

Daughter of Zion says:

great,couple great video natural base foods vs meds&processed foods just the way it was designed TMH is so good keep sharing that life brother????

J Eternal says:

????✌????✊· Much Appreciation !!!! ~ ????

Ahdree23 says:

Using it to see if it will help my severe hormonal acne. So far….nothing.

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